Creating event experiences for clients as a planner usually means that I am continuously a part of their life at a minimum of 12-months.  During that time the client relationship transcends beyond anything that I could ever imagine as evolve into friends and we evolve into intimately knowing each other’s lives!  We ultimately become lifelong fans of each other – cheering and supporting each other in our endeavors! It become bittersweet once their event comes to an end so I aim to stay connected with them beyond their event experience.

It has been an annual tradition to host a celebration to salute and honor my clients who trust me to create spectacular experiences for them. In March, I saluted my clients to say “thank you” and an opportunity to reconnect with them! It was a joyous occasion as I learned that some were graduating with their master’s degrees, expanding their family with the expectance of a new baby, purchasing new homes, and so much more! It is always great to engage with my clients as they are more than clients, they are family!

So why is it important to create an experience beyond your client’s event and to stay connected?  Well, here are a few reasons:

Creating Lifelong Fans!  There is nothing like having someone believe in you in the moment but continue to support your endeavors.  The relationship develops beyond a client experience into something remarkable that continues to mature overtime and become reciprocal.

Walking Billboards of Support & Referrals.  That lifelong fan support becomes the walking advertisement that you need to gain more clients.  People trust those who are dear to them and take credence to the advice being shared giving testimonial of your work!

Continue to Communicate – Yields Invaluable Feedback.  Continue to keep in touch and share information about your brand, ie., your goals, brand changes, etc.  This opens doors for new opportunity in which either your client can support you themselves or giving you direction or guidance from another resource (possible opening the door to their networks).  And vice versa, you should do the same also as it builds mutual respect within the relationship.

A New Circle of Friends!  At the end of the day, you’re building a strong network of friendship and support that can be treasured for a lifetime!

Thank you to the amazing team at Caribbean Caterers, Nature of Design, 5-12 Dessert, and ACB Precision Focus Photography for helping me to create this remarkable experience!  Can’t wait for 2024 Client Appreciation Event!  Styling and Design by Perfect Planning Events!