One of the things I love most about the events industry is that it constantly evolves with emerging ideas and innovations. I’m continuously inspired by the newest and hottest experiential ideas to incorporate into my client’s events!  It’s all in the details to create a buzzworthy evening of celebration.

Remember, when it comes to setting trends, carving your own path gets you to greatness quicker than following someone else’s trail!⁠

Cocktails with a Twist

My test tube mocktails (fresh squeezed juices in an ombré of hues and flavors) that were curated for PartySlate’s Capitol City themed soirée was featured as one of the “23 Top Party & Wedding Trends for 2023”! One-sip options have become an exciting way to draw in and connect with partygoers and change the way attendees are stimulated!⁠ This is a great opportunity for you to offer your guests to sample a variety of cocktail or mocktail curations in small doses and not limit them in options.

Exquisite Treats

Caviar is making a comeback! It’s on PartySlate’s list of “23 Top Party & Wedding Trends for 2023”! PartySlate always has their eyes on forward thinking designers and innovative events – which, in my opinion, makes them pretty good at predicting trends!⁠

⁠For their “Spirit of DC” Celebration I wanted to offer guests a bit of opulence, and everyone knows caviar, luxury and elegance go hand in hand. I invited Sterling Caviar to serve up some of the finest sustainably raised California White Sturgeon in the world! Guests felt as if they were transported to a new era of the roaring twenties as they were introduced to a taste of the high life!⁠

Individual Cakes

Let’s elevate serving cake at the table to another level by serving your guests their own individual cake.  This not only enhances their experience at your event but it also serves as a part of your table décor.  I created this experience on two-occasions, once for my 50th Birthday Celebration in the Bahamas and at the gala for The Signature CEO Conference.  Talk about buzzworthy!  The guests were wowed not only by the design, but they were shocked that the masterpiece sitting before them was an actual cake (as they thought it was a work of art) and they felt special because they received their very own cake.

Menus as Keepsakes

No matter the occasion, I truly believe there should always be a menu available to guests!  To embellish a simple menu take this opportunity to turn your menu into artwork plus a treasured gift for your guests. For my 50th Birthday Celebration in the Bahamas, I created velvet menu in the form of a book.  On the outside was a branded gold crest while on the inside was a poem to my guests on the power of friendship, and on the other side was the menu on a gold plaque.  It was an exquisite design that elevated my table décor and became a sentimental keepsake for my friends.

Interactive Food Displays

One thing I know that is definitely true is that people eat with their eyes first!  Curate your food experience where it evokes all of the senses of your guests and have them involved in the process or visually witnessing the creation of their food being served. At the PartySlate event, I called on our friends at Oysters XO who provide and innovative approach to shucking oysters – a well appointed experience and entertainment for your guests. (see this event featured with PartySlate).

Engaging Entertainment

This can run the gambit!  From dancing glowing robots who will engage with your guests, to an onsite boncheros (cigar roller), interactive photo booth stations or grand entrances for the perfect photo-op, to strolling Junkaroo bands. Guests want to do more than just socialize and eat, they want to truly embrace the evening and have a unique night out on the town.