Wedding Florals

At a time when coming together is more important than ever, COVID-19 (and its variants) is playing a significant role in what the future of wedding planning might look like. What’s paramount during this time is for me to help couples navigate this uncharted territory with standards that ensure we all stay safe and healthy – as well as happy.

If you are at a loss for where to start and unsure of what to do, pause. Do not fall prey to the perils of this pandemic, but instead be positive. Focus on moving forward with a plan!


As of now with emergence of the Omicron variant, State mandates have not proposed shutdowns of establishment nor social events. A positive up-side knowing you can still have a wedding! However, depending on where you live the strictest mandate being observed is the wearing of masks indoors at public spaces and/or individuals to show proof of vaccination. Depending on your venue or locality, guests may be required to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination. After reviewing move accordingly to stay within the ordinance parameters and ultimately what will make you and your guests feel safe while celebrating with you.

Secondly, take pulse of your wedding guests to determine their level of comfortabi

Wedding Florals


Budgeting for a wedding is one of those aspects that is already an arduous part of the planning process. As you are itemizing your wedding expenses, definitely include a line-item expense for “COVID Safety” purchases whether it be masks, hand sanitizer, onsite-testing, etc., you need to create a budget for it!

As we have experienced in our daily living, the cost of living has increased tremendously.  The cost of milk pre-pandemic was $3.04 per gallon to during the pandemic increased to $3.32 and $3.77 respectively in years 2020 and 2021.  The global supply chain turmoil has created a ripple affect financially in the way we live creating material scarcity, increasing freight prices, the difficult demand to forecast, labor shortage, etc. 

This disturbance has transcended into the beautiful creation of weddings that has instituted an increase in production cost for wedding professionals that couples unfortunately will see in 2022.  Wedding and event professionals have made it a priority to manage customer expectations and to be transparent with cost of planning a wedding. The pandemic created a domino effect from supply chain shortage, economic hardship, increased complexity, and physical conditions of running a business, to now simply being overwhelmed with the increased number of events in the future, vendors had to increase their prices; expect to see cost increases from 20-50%.  


Because of its yielding, unpredictable nature, planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique set of challenges amid a myriad of moving pieces. The landscape shifts and changes every day, leaving couples to face uncertain circumstances and daunting decisions. Your Plan-B should include an alternative wedding date, guest list of a smaller size, and a positive mind-set that everything is going to be okay.