Your wedding day is one of most memorable occasions that you will experience, and you want to celebrate every detail to include your preparation before saying I Do!  Whether in a hotel room or getting dressed at home, there are some essential items you need that will get you through the morning with ease.  These wedding day tips can also be found in a featured article by me with BRIDES wedding publication.

Great Lighting:

Natural Light is essential for applying your makeup and creating memorable photos. Open all windows and turn on all lighting in the room. If that does not brighten the room, you can purchase your own studio light stand or ask your photographer or makeup artist if they will have on onsite.

Floor Length Mirror:

A floor length mirror will be essential and aid as your quality control checker as you are getting dressed.  From front to back and head to toe, the mirror will give you all perfect angles before making your big debut.


Dressing Robe:

Your dressing robe will protect your wedding day attire as you get dressed in increments so that you can continue to get styled with hair and makeup, nourish throughout the day with snacks and beverages without staining your dress. Get a dressing robe that ties or zips in the front; deviate from anything you will have to pull over your head that will mess with your makeup and hair.

Light Culinary Spread:

Keeping nourished throughout the day is essential to get you through a long and exciting day. I suggest light and healthy snacks that are great for digestion and snacks that do not contain lots of coloring that will stain.


A steamer is your best friend to handling the final press of your wedding day attire!  You do not want to use an iron; irons create havoc!  A steamer will allow you to get any wrinkles or unwanted crinkles out of your wedding day attire without the risk of burn stains.

Emergency Kit:

You always want to be prepared for the unknown; it is best to be prepared than not prepared.  Create a bag with your MacGyver tools such as hair spray, hair pins, sewing kit, safety pins, deodorant, straight-pins, first-aid essentials, breath mints, masking tape, double-sided tape, TIDE pen, etc.

Bridal Assistant:

If you do not have a Planner or your Planner does not provide an assistant to stay in the suite with you as you prepare for your day, designate someone who is not a member of the bridal party to be the manager of the room, Bridal Assistant or Lady-in-Waiting!  This person will be your manager on wheels from managing the time of events in the room to making sure your needs are taken care of prior to saying I Do.


Hydration Station:

I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated on your wedding day.  Primarily drink lots of water, or beverages that are light in color that will not stain; Gatorade, Pellegrino, LaCroix, Bubly, and if you must white wine or clear sparkling champagne only.

Hanger & Clear Command Hook:

Once you get to the destination in which you are getting dressed, you immediately want to hang your dress in an open area.  If you find an open area but do not have a way to suspend your hanger, be sure to pack a decorative door hanger or Clear Command Hooks which are easily removable not to damage the walls, and you want clear so it will not be obtrusive in your pictures in case your photographer wants to take a picture of your wedding day attire.

Disposable Facial Tissue (lint-free):

There will be tears of happiness on your big day and you want to wipe your tears of joy with something that will leave behind debris or lint.  Have plenty of disposable lint-free facial tissue on hand to gently wipe your face for tears, perspiration, etc.,; one that will not leave residue on your face.

Portable Hand Fan:

Your adrenaline will be on high and your body temperature will be on overdrive.  To keep calm and cool without disturbing everyone else, get a hand-fan you can carry with you as you get prepared for your wedding day.

All of the above tips are details we provide to our clients on wedding day to create a memorable experience at the top of the day. Now that you have all of your fabulous necessities…it is time to get married!

(Note:  all photos in our blogs are real weddings and events by Perfect Planning Events)