Hello L O V E Birds!  Wedding season is upon us and as you prepare for one of the most memorable days of your life, I am here to help you prepare to capture the moment.  I love this city, Washington, DC, just as much as my couples, and when they inform me they want to incorporate as much of the city of Washington, DC in their wedding portraits, my adrenaline goes into overdrive!  Even as I write this post, I am overjoyed to share with you 14-iconic locations, from monuments to city streets, to incorporate on your wedding day.


Now before I list the locations, I want to provide you with a little advice on how to create a picture perfect day.

  • If you have a Planner (which I hope you do), give them an idea of where you want to go to take pictures, and they will take care of the rest!
  • If you do not have a Planner, this is what I recommend:
    • Coordinate with the Photographer and inform them of about 4 to 5 ideal locations and create a plan
    • Research to make sure your location(s) do not have any restrictions
    • Determine driving distance between each location; allocate enough time between each shot to include drive time so you do not offset your entire wedding day timeline
    • Who will be in the pictures?…just the two of you…or will it include the wedding party; write it down and provide the list to the Photographer  
    • Determine if you will take pictures prior or post ceremony, or both?  I recommend prior to ceremony, pictures of the couple plus wedding party; post ceremony just the couple.
    • Coordinate transportation; be sure to have your Photographer ride with you and not follow in their car
    • Determine parking situations.
    • If you are going to take photos at National Monuments, please be sure to contact the National Park Service to see if a permit is required. Highly suggest to get the permit!  Professional photographers who frequently photograph at monuments will also be able to guide you and sometimes will get the permits on your behalf for the fee of the permit.
    • Have fun…remember you have to be quick!
    • Always adhere to your timeline, and allocate adequate time to take your photographs.


1.  Martin Luther King Memorial

(not pictured but we love the location)

2.  Thomas Jefferson Memorial
3.  Meridian House

4.  US Capitol

5.  DC War Memorial

6.  National Archives Building

7.  US Botanical Gardens

8.  United States Post Office

9.  DC City Streets

10.  DC Neighborhood Architecture
11.  The White House

12.  National Monument
13.  Your Favorite Dating Spots as a Couple

14.  City Parks


All photographs in this blog are real Couples, real Weddings of Perfect Planning Events. 

Photography credit in order shown:  (Header Photo) – Life Gallery Studio; (Jefferson Memorial & Meridian House) –  Amy Deputy Photography; (US Capitol, DC War Memorial, National Archives Building) – Life Gallery Studio; (Botanical Gardens) – Michael Clark Studios; (US Post Office & DC City Streets) – Joshua Dwain;  (DC Neighborhood) – Procopio Photography, Joshua Dwain, Michael Clark Studios; (The White House) – Jessica Latos Photography; (National Monument) – Maria Vicencio Photography; (Favorite DC Spots) – Michael Clark Studios; (City Parks) Jessica Latos Photography.