In our previous blog, we shared details of securing your Wedding Planner.  Now that you have taken those initial steps, it’s time to continue advancing the most important aspects of wedding planning: building your wedding pro dream team! Having a top-tier team of wedding professionals will bring your vision to life with precision, and in glorious ways you would have never imagined.

So, who should be on your wedding professionals dream team? We are going to walk you through this 6-part blog series.

My advice is to “start” with our suggested (5) essential wedding pros to book “first” as your starting lineup; each bringing their own specialized skills, specifically tasked to ensure your day runs smoothly.  It takes an entire creative team to create your dream wedding that ranges from 10-20 wedding businesses working in unison; these are our suggested wedding pros to hire first! PART 2 in our wedding pro discussion, THE VENUE.


Looking for the perfect venue is synonymous to finding the perfect home. You should feel connected to the space and it should reflect your unique sense of style and personality.  And just like a home, as soon as you step one foot into the space, you should instinctively know that this is the perfect place to welcome family and friends to witness and celebrate the love you share with each other. 

When searching for the ideal venue, be flexible with your dates. Popular venues are booked 12 to 18 months in advance (with Saturday dates being the first to be contracted.)

  • If you are unable to reserve a Saturday date, consider a Friday, Sunday, or weekday. 
  • Other flexible options:
    • Consider the time of day; possibly host an early morning wedding versus the traditional evening wedding. 
    • Ask your venue about non-peak seasons which varies by each location; this provides the opportunity of open dates and sometimes a better value.

In addition to the venue’s aesthetics and character, consider its location and the feeling it imbues. Will your wedding be in the center of a bustling metropolitan city, quaint suburb, or charming rural area – such as a farm, winery, or mountainside? The investment and experiences surrounding each of these locations vary and depend upon your expectations of your special day.


  • Does your venue have the capacity to host your ceremony & reception?
  • Regarding capacity, does the room size they are recommending provide adequate spacing?
  • Is your venue location equipped to provide all your needs: e.g., catering, linens, chairs, etc.? Will you have a separate vendor for these essentials? Note:  If you select a venue that requires you to find your own catering services, then a Caterer would be your next vendor on your list.
  • For an outdoor ceremony, does the venue offer an inclement weather alternative?
  • What are the rules and regulations of the venue?
  • Will they require you and your vendors to have liability insurance?
  • Are there fees for using vendors that are not on their preferred list, etc.
  • How many weddings do they host in a day?
  • Will your space be used by another Client before or after your wedding?
  • What are the hours the venue space is available to you? Setup time? Hours for your actual wedding? Breakdown time?
  • Is there a noise ordinance if hosting outdoors?
  • Additional miscellaneous expenditures: 
    • Additional hours of use; additional event time, additional setup, and breakdown time?
    • Security?  Museums and other historic sites sometimes require events to have security.
    • Additional space?  If you need additional space for getting ready, kids’ room, or just for additional activities…what is that additional cost to you.

Above all else, when choosing your wedding pro dream team, make sound, informed decisions. With the above list, ensure they are all licensed professionals, have liability insurance, are willing to be interviewed face-to-face, and have stellar reviews or referrals.

My recommended resources to locate your wedding professional team include:

…  just to name a few.

And, as always, the best part is you do not have to go about the process of hiring a dream team of wedding professionals alone. Perfect Planning Events is willing to serve as the star player on your team! It would be my honor to walk alongside you during your planning process; guiding you every step of the way along the journey that leads to the aisle.

(photos are Real Weddings by Perfect Planning Events | Photography Credit (in the following order): Ana Isabel Photography; Joshua Dwain Photography; Ana Isabel Photography; Julie Napear Photography)