Our Couple, Amanda & Ben, Terri Baskin Photography

Engagement season is upon us! It’s the time from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day when our social media timelines begin to fill with engagement ring selfies and popular wedding hashtags: #BrideToBe #MisstoMrs #IDo and #HePutaRingOnIt.

If you’re one of the fortunate couples to get engaged during this season, congratulations! Now that you’re engaged, the first thing that I encourage you to do is to simply enjoy and cherish this happy time.

Once the initial engagement excitement begins to settle, it’s time to spread the word, and celebrate with family and friends. A wonderful way to commemorate the moment, and officially announce the news of your engagement, is through photos.

An engagement photo session, guided by a professional photographer, will allow you to capture this magical moment through candid and romantic imagery. You will be able to utilize the photos for your save the dates, social media posts, wedding website, thank you notes, and other wedding event stationery.

From locations to photographers, there are a lot of choices to be made. No worries, I’ve got you covered. Before you begin to pin inspirations to your board, read on for my “5 Tips for Picture Perfect Engagement Photos”.

These 5-five focus areas will help you ask the right questions, and begin to explore options and preferences for your photos.


Location is key! One of the first questions to ask yourself is “Where should I take my engagement photos?” Pick a location(s) that has meaning to the two of you; no more than 3 locations. Whether an outdoor or indoor venue, the backdrop of your photo session should authentically reflect you as a couple.

The Greater DC Metro area has a wide variety of historic, rustic and upscale locations to choose from. I’d be happy to work with you to select the ideal setting.

  • Keep in mind, if you plan to take photos outdoors, create a back-up plan for alternate indoor locations.

*Bonus Tip* Once you have mapped out your locations, identify a restroom in which you will have your wardrobe change. A nice hotel in proximity, would be an ideal location.

Our Couple, LaTarya & Sammy, Procopio Photography

Time of Year

“What time of year is best for me to take my engagement photos?” Fall and Winter are popular seasons for engagement photos, but I do adore a good summer and spring engagement too!

Just like location, seasons are key players in setting the scene and creating a mood for your photos. 

  • Fall evokes warmth and coziness
  • Winter exudes glamour and opulence
  • Summer/Spring feels fresh and vibrant

Our couple Katharine and Gary chose “Cherry Blossom” season to take their engagement photos.

Our Couple, Katharine & Gary, Jessica Latos Photography

Dress Attire

“What to wear?” Beyond wearing your naturally happy smile, there are endless fashionable options for your engagement ensemble. Determine your style. (e.g. formal black tie, casual denim, glamorous gown or flowing sundress). 

No matter what style you choose:

  • Keep your silhouettes streamlined
  • Ensure the color tones complement one another
  • Choose appropriate seasonal attire

Bonus Tip: Be prepared with a minimum of two outfits. Carry your items in a rolling suitcase for ease of transport.

Our couple, Myrina & Joseph, served up stunning style and sophistication in their sensational engagement shoot.

Our Couple, Myrina & Joseph, Terri Baskin Photography


“Who is going to take my engagement photos?” Engagement photo sessions allow you the opportunity to gain insight into your wedding photographer’s style prior to wedding day. It’s paramount to select a photographer who’s experienced at capturing candid moments, and whom you would be comfortable working with.

I would be happy to recommend a photographer vendor partner that I feel would be a great fit for you.

  • Work with your photographer to map out your locations in advance.
  • Provide your photographer with pictures of what you will be wearing in advance.

*Bonus Tip* If your location is a national monument, inquire with the proper authorities to see if a permit is required for you to photograph at the location. Depending on the photographer, they will secure the permit for you.

Our Couple, Amanda and Ben, Terri Baskin Photography

Glam Squad

All cameras will be focused on you! Bask in your spotlight moment with photo ready hair and makeup. Working with hair and makeup stylists will give you insight as to what it will feel like to go through the process of getting ready with a glam squad on your wedding day. Additionally, they will help you determine if the style you’ve chosen really works for you.

*Bonus Tips*

  • Have a mini prep kit on hand for touch ups of your hair and makeup.
  • Have a fresh mani (both male and female) – and pedicure, if your feet will be exposed.

Your glam squad will make sure you look and feel your absolute best, from every angle, as you strike a pose. Their expertise is well worth it!

The most important thing to keep in mind… have fun! Your engagement photos should be as epic, elegant or as easy going you are. Just be yourself and allow your photos to reflect your natural personality.

Years from now, as you look back, your engagement photos will serve as beautiful reminders of the beginning of your love story. Treasure them amongst the many memorable moments you’ll make along the way.

Our Couple, Emerald & Tolu, Joshua Dwain Photography

We hope you enjoyed the engagement photos posted of our Clients!