Why Clients Choose Perfect Planning Events

Why Clients Choose Perfect Planning Events


Managing ever-evolving to-do lists, keeping up with hectic schedules and tackling daily responsibilities – we have more than enough to keep us busy. The mere idea of having to add planning an event to our plates – in addition to balancing life’s other priorities – would have us feeling like we’re riding a roller coaster that’s still being constructed.

If you’ve been tasked with planning your organization’s annual gala, or if you’re planning an event to mark a special milestone in your life (wedding, birthday or anniversary) then you know managing the crucial decisions, such as finding ideal vendors, choosing a venue, and selecting a caterer, can be overwhelming.

It becomes clear, memorable events don’t just happen, they’re meticulously crafted by creative visionaries. The savviest solution is to hire a professional to plan the event on your behalf.

But, who should you choose? And what characteristics should you look for in an event planner?

I’ve compiled a list of the top reasons clients choose Perfect Planning Events as the architect to design their exceptional affairs. This list will not only guide you in understanding why I’m considered a powerhouse event professional, but also key you in on my personable approach and fierce dedication to excellence.

I listen and I care

I tell my clients’ stories through their celebrations. To bring their story to life in the most authentic way I invest the time to truly get to know them. I listen, thoughtfully, to understand my client’s hearts and minds to the point that their dreams and goals become synchronous with my own. 

The journey begins by delving deeper into their wish list through insightful inquiry, with questions such as: “What is it that you truly want?” followed by, “Tell me more…”  I then weave those components into their event with innovative ideas and personal touches that they would have never imagined.

Clients are able to exhale, because they feel seen, heard and valued. They understand, without a doubt, that what matters to them, matters to me.

Consider it handled

What my clients want may appear complicated on the surface,  but it can be summed up quite simply. They want someone to “handle it”.  Said differently, they want a highly capable, reputable event expert to hand things over to; who will execute with precision and exceed their expectations.

Following our initial meeting, clients walk away awed by the certainty that I will consistently look out for their best interest and be unwavering in putting their needs first. In me, they know that they’ve found a planner who checks off all of their boxes: personable, engaging, reputable, trustworthy, highly capable and extremely organized.

Although most potential clients have done their due diligence, it is after interviewing me and witnessing my capabilities, firsthand, that they know for sure, I am everything that past clients and partners rave about – and more.

My organizational skills are unmatched

Organization is not about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress, saving time and money and improving quality.

For clients who struggle with managing to-do lists, multi-tasking, or remembering deadlines, having me by their side, managing the overall process, alleviates anxiety. With a mastermind planner on their team, they never have to worry if critical components are falling through the cracks or if a ball has been dropped. They are assured every step of the way.

With Perfect Planning Events, clients experience an elevated level of service and superior organization throughout the entire planning process. This is demonstrated through the strategic systems that I maintain to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently.

Clients are never left wondering about where they stand on any action, task or deliverable. From productivity apps and tools, to personalized forms, spreadsheets, calendars and checklists – along with effective communication – the entire process is optimized, to ensure a superior client experience. They may even find themselves enjoying participating in aspects of the planning process that would otherwise seem daunting.

There are no limits to my creativity

From the very beginning I aspire to make each event as distinctive and special as the clients I serve. Like Amy Sherald poised in front of a blank canvas imagining infinite portrait possibilities, my artistry lies in my ability to wow clients with unexpected elements of surprise. Whether it be captivating a bride with her favorite 3-piece string band or incorporating a live band into a virtual conference, my belief is that there is always room for imagination and ingenuity.

Through a diverse clientele, I am able to present unique perspectives on renowned institutions and continue to drive the event industry forward by designing leading edge events that bridge tradition and trend.

From sophisticated installations and innovative activations to intimate, personalized, custom touches, I create moments that cause clients to pause and reflect, or delight in wonder; each element drawing clients deeper into their very own story.

When clients are asked why they chose Perfect Planning Events, the sentiment is always similar, “We knew we wanted a planner from the beginning. We live extremely busy lives and we knew:  1) we couldn’t pull it off ourselves and 2) we needed an event planner who was professional and reputable. Tara Melvin was the first event planner that we spoke with. We met with her and thought, ‘Look for another planner, for what?’ There was no reason to. So we didn’t.”

Clients make the choice that reflects their hopes, dreams and wishes… the choice that will make all the stress fall away… the choice that will make everything around them more beautiful…

The first choice, and the only choice, is always Perfect Planning Events.

(here’s a video testimonial from one of our couples)