Charlyne and Richard’s love story began unexpectedly. In an impromptu group text message, the introduction was as simple as “Rich meet Charlyne, Charlyne meet Rich.” The matchmaker sealed the introduction with a prayerful sentiment, “Have your way, Lord”.

With that prayer added to the text, a blessing was etched on their hearts. Every moment that led Charlyne and Richard from that initial virtual connection to their wedding day was thereby blessed and highly favored.

After several months of Richard romantically courting Charlyne through phone conversations that lingered like dreamy Sunday afternoons, the two decided to meet for a dinner date. During that date, the matchmaker’s prayer, “Have your way, Lord”, struck like Cupid’s arrow.

As Charlyne remembers, “It was a feeling that I felt in my gut that I can’t explain. This feeling didn’t take me by surprise because I had been praying that God would let me know when I met my husband. There were days when I questioned whether that feeling was of God or myself.”

Those feelings touched Richard as well, “My heart knew long before my head could form the words to say she was the one.” Richard would soon ask Charlyne to be his bride, in a perfectly orchestrated expression of his love for her.

Under the guise of taking Charlyne to see an event she highly anticipated, the Shen Yun ballet at the Kennedy Center, Richard led her around the venue toward an overlook of the Potomac. In the midst of enjoying the picturesque view and casual conversation, Charlyne went to gather her purse. When she turned back around to face Richard, he was on bended knee.  She was overwhelmed with joy. The moment was perfect.

Charlyne and Richard sought a Washington DC-based event planner with the experience to execute their event with precision, innovation and creativity. They placed their confidence into the expert hands of Perfect Planning Events. I was thrilled to be entrusted to bring the vision for their wedding to life at their chosen venue, the Bellevue Conference Event Center located in Chantilly, VA.

Perfect Planning Events masterfully executed every detail of their desired Oscars After-Party themed, fall wedding. The epic event was set against a backdrop of mauve, burgundy, ivory, and gold romantic color tones, brimming with glamorous finishes, and topped off with lush ensembles of merlot and dusty rose hydrangeas and roses.

The biggest surprise of the day: the 3-piece string band, Rockville Strings, that played during the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. It was always Charlyne’s dream to have a string band play during her wedding.

The caterer, Tasteful Affairs Catering, prepared a menu to honor their roots, with savory Caribbean cultural delights, such as jerk chicken and plantain skewers. The celebration of their heritage continued onto the dance floor; as guests waved flags and partied to rhythmic island vibes.

Charlyne and Richard dined and danced the night away without a care in the world.  As the evening drew to a close, no one, especially the bride and groom wanted the night to end. The sign of success is when the bride and groom are able to feel like guests at their own wedding.

The matchmaker’s prayer, “Have your way, Lord”, was realized. Charlyne and Richard found their way to the love of a lifetime.

What is the best advice Charlyne and Richard would give engaged couples:

“One, hire an incredible planner, like we did (Perfect Planning Events)! The peace that comes with knowing every detail of your day is covered is priceless.  Second, put your phone away and be present.  You will catch up on the texts and social media later. This is the moment you’ve waited for, prayed for, soak up every second of it because the day goes by fast.  Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff, if at the end of the day you married your person, nothing else really matters! Create a wedding that you desire that celebrates and reflects you as a couple.”

It was an honor for Perfect Planning Events to have Charlyne and Richard’s wedding selected to be featured in the 10th anniversary, Spring/Summer issue of Munaluchi Bride.

If you would like DC Wedding Planner, Tara Melvin, of Perfect Planning Events, to design a wedding that you desire that celebrates and reflects you as a couple, please connect with us today for a discovery call.

(photo credit:  Joshua Dwain Photography; video credit:  Capital Films DC; view their full wedding gallery, here)