An Intimate, Al Fresco, Multicultural Wedding by the Occoquan River: Jazmin Cheveres & Carlos Flores

An Intimate, Al Fresco, Multicultural Wedding by the Occoquan River: Jazmin Cheveres & Carlos Flores

Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Occoquan River, Jazmin & Carlos’ wedding was a memorable, multicultural celebration nestled in a magical al fresco setting at The River View at Occoquan.

A stunning yet serene sight to behold, their special day exemplifies why outdoor weddings are incredibly popular. Imagine how wonderful the guests and the couple must have felt in the refreshing open air with the unparalleled beauty of the Occoquan River as the backdrop, the warm sunlight, and the familiar feeling of being in your own backyard. It was an intimate and welcoming, open air fête.

Their union was the perfect blend of two cultures coming together rather than just the two individuals. The bride’s side of the family is from the Philippines (Southeast Asia) and Puerto Rico, and the groom’s heritage is from El Salvador. Although Jazmin and Carlos’ wedding was fairly traditional, one of my greatest joys is taking the time to learn about various cultures, so that my wedding blueprints are not solely a celebration of love, but also an homage to heritage, with authenticity, reverence and splendid grandeur.

One of the things I love most about being a pioneering designer in the wedding industry is embracing the many splendored marvels of couples from all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. I enjoy highlighting the universality of love by fusing together family cultures, whether it be by adding subtle cultural nods to their wedding day with ease or incorporating elaborate cultural themes.

Welcoming a broad spectrum of couples, from all walks of life, always presents an exciting opportunity for me to explore traditions and customs, and honor guests with tributes to their family heritage. Filipino and Hispanic/Latina heritage can be infused through culturally themed menus, with a unique assortment of entrees such as: lechon, longganisa, kaldereta or ceviche and empanadas, grilled achiote chicken and shredded beef enchiladas. Jazmin and Carlos offered Filipino rice cakes as well as signature drinks – Mango Mimosas and Mango Mojitos amid other savory options.

Alluring attire like the Barong and traditional Tinikling folk dance are other traditional Filipino wedding customs. The money dance, common in Hispanic/Latina and Filipino wedding traditions, wishes the couple luck in their marriage.

Jazmin and Carlos thought outside the box with finer, more nuanced creative details and personalized touches to create lasting impressions. Their vows were ascribed to their wedding cake and paper flowers made by the bride graced each table.

Endearingly, Jazmin’s beloved dog Mojo, was the ring bearer, taking the cute factor to a whole new level. Mojo trotted down the aisle, carrying the rings, with everyone oohing and aahing!

Whether you borrow one (or more!) of these ideas or would prefer to have Perfect Planning Events dream up a bespoke cultural wedding experience, I will create a cultural ceremony that honors past heritage yet innovated to inspire future generations of wedded bliss.

Jazmin and Carlos’ special day – as well as other multicultural weddings – are a symbol of hope. Their unified love is the mark of our world moving in a more diverse and inclusive direction, by building cultural bonds that celebrate the fact that, although we are all inherently unique, true love exists to unite us.

Reflecting back to Jazmin and Carlos’ wedding, I am filled with happiness and joy! The beautiful newlyweds recently extended their love by welcoming a new baby; the perfect present to celebrate their one-year anniversary in just 6 days.

Congratulations to Jazmin and Carlos! I could not be happier for you!

(Real Weddings by Perfect Planning Events > Photography by Nat Wongsaroj Photography)

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