Creative Tips to Host a Virtual Party

Creative Tips to Host a Virtual Party


Video conversations between individuals is on the rise now more than ever due to the season of social distancing imposed by COVID-19.  Virtual calls have become the new norm to communicate in business and socialize with friends and family in the absence of being physically present. 

So that you can stay connected to those you love and celebrate life’s precious moments, I have outlined a few quick tips for you to create a virtual party/celebration with family and friends.


  1. Where to Host: There are several video communication platforms to host your celebration.  Most common platforms are Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype.  Each of these platforms are at little to no cost, user-friendly, interface either via a computer or mobile device, and can host up to multiple people at one time.  Each of these sites will generate a personal website link just for your event.
  2. Plan the Occasion: Decide what you are going to celebrate or the occasion to gather everyone.  Create an agenda of activities that you want to incorporate into the event.  Details are important just as if this was an in-person party.  Establish the date and time, dress attire, and length of the celebration.  Be sure to inform your guests they will be on video, so they are prepared for their appearance.
  3. Create the Invitation: Notify your attendees with a virtual invitation that can be created via Paperless Post, Evite, Minted, just to name a few.  The online invitation options allow you to customize and design an invitation to your delight.  Have your guests to R.S.V.P. and provide the link to the virtual platform that you chose to host your event.  Your invitation should have all the important details – date, time, the occasion, dress attire, etc.
  4. Control the Party: You’ve created your agenda – be sure to email the agenda to everyone that may play a specific role.  During the party, you can control the activity by placing your attendees on mute to allow each individual to talk without interruption.  Each attendee can also “chat” with each other by typing responses either to everyone in the group or to a specific individual.
  5. Duration of the Party: Unlike traditional parties that are 4-5 hours, a virtual party to have a great impact is usually a maximum of 90 minutes.


  1. Mutual Social Activity: Gather a group of friends that have similar interest around a book/novel or television show.  Each member participating in the virtual call is assigned a character to provide an interpretation of the character’s scene.  Take it a step further to dress up in character.  A simple discussion of your favorite television show or novel is now bought to life with the creativity of your friends.
  2. Shake it Up: Have a Dance Contest.  This could be for couples or singles dancing to their favorite tunes.  Keep the competition small with only 4 teams, and then invite others to participate in the virtual call as judges.
  3. What’s for Dinner: For one solid week, invitees of your virtual group will host a “What’s Cooking Seminar” showcasing them in the kitchen create their favorite recipe so that it can be shared between friends.  This activity would need (7) friends, one for each day of the week, and each day there would be a virtual live cooking demonstration of swapping recipes.  You can break this down further by assigning your participants an entree, side dish, dessert, cocktails, etc.
  4. What are You Drinking: What cocktail or drink of choice would you recommend for setting a “party” mood for the virtual happy hour? Something that everyone could respectfully make in their homes but have together?  ​Two simple recipes that come to mind are a Mango Berry Moscow Mule and a Lemonade Wine Cooler.  The Mango Berry Moscow Mule consists of 2-parts mango juice, 1-part Goslings ginger beer, 1-part Titos Vodka, topped with sliced strawberries and blueberries; stir and serve in your favorite stemware.  The Lemonade wine cooler is quick and simple…the ingredients include 1-part Simply Lemonade (pink) and 1-part Sauvignon Blanc; stir and serve in your favorite stemware.
  5. Be Creative: For celebrations or anniversaries this is a time to be creative and make someone feel special. 
    1. As a group sing Happy Birthday together possibly with your own version or twist.  
    2. Create birthday banners and posters in the background to create a festive environment.  
    3. Create a slideshow in honor of the honoree for all to view as a walk down memory lane.  Slideshows can showcase funny pictures from childhood to pictures of the honoree at some point in life with each individual on the webinar.
  6. Have a Dance Party: There is always dancing at a party…designate one person on the virtual happy hour as the deejay host to play all your hits to keep the party live.

I hope these tips inspire you to create your own virtual party!

(Photography Credit:  cover image by M Fields Photography |  top and bottom picture by Julie Napear Photography | Real Events by Perfect Planning Events)

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