Picture Perfect Tips for Your Engagement Photo Session

Picture Perfect Tips for Your Engagement Photo Session
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It’s Engagement Season!  What does that mean?  Well, it is the time that couples get engaged and they start preparing for an epic and hallmark celebration for themselves and their families.  To spread the news, most couples prep themselves for a romantic glam session with a photographer (usually their wedding photographer) to take pictures to mark the beginning of their love story.

I adore engagement photos!  Not only do I adore them, I highly recommend them to my clients as a “must do” prior to getting married.  Why, you ask?  Well, engagement photo sessions allow you the opportunity to:

  • celebrate being engaged 
  • gain insight into your wedding photographer’s style prior to wedding day
  • utilize the photos for your save the dates, wedding website, thank you notes, and other wedding event stationery
  • work with your hair and makeup stylists to see if the styled you identified really works for you
  • know what it will feel like on wedding day to go through the feel of getting ready

So, how do you prepare for your engagement photo session with your photographer?  Do you want to be casual, fashion-forward, or glamorous? From the outfits and your overall style image to the location it all may seem a little overwhelming however stay relax and stay calm, we’ve got you covered.

Planner Tips (from Me):

  1. Just be Yourself, your photos should reflect your personality.
  2. Determine your style to determine your wardrobe ensemble.  Have a minimum of two outfits.
  3. Pick a location(s) that has meaning to the two of you; no more than 3 locations.
  4. Carry your items in a rolling suitcase for ease of transport.
  5. Work with your Photographer to map out your locations in advance.
  6. Provide your Photographer with pictures of what you will be wearing in advance.
  7. Once you have mapped out your locations, identify a restroom in which you will have your wardrobe change (if you find a nice hotel in proximity, would be an ideal location).
  8. Bring a friend to assist for the day; holding and watching over your belongings.  You will be in a public environment so that extra friend will come in handy to watch over your personal items while you take photos.  Also, if you are taking photos in a city at monuments or parks, the friend can be your “Uber” driver and you don’t have to lose time trying to find parking.  The friend will drop you off, you take photos, and the friend worries about parking.  Your Planner, depending on the service you selected, will be extra friend you can count on.
  9. Have professional makeup and hair styling – well worth it!
  10. Have a mini prep kit for touch ups for your hair and makeup.
  11. If you plan to take photos outdoors, create a back-up plan for alternate indoor locations.
  12. If your location is a national monument, inquire with the proper authorities to see if a permit is required for you to photograph at the location.  Depending on the photographer they will secure the permit for you.
  13. Manicured Details!  Have a fresh manicure (both male and female) and pedicure if your feet will be exposed.  Polished clean shoes.  
  14. Have fun!

Photographer Tips:

In addition to my insightful tips, I have some of my most admired and favorite photographer friends to guide you through the process.  Check out their blog posts with helpful details to prep for an engagement session.

In the meantime, enjoy the engagement photos of our couples who were photographed by Procopio Photography and Terri Baskin Photography.