(7) Flawless Wedding Day Head-to-Toe Apparel Style Tips for Every Gentleman

(7) Flawless Wedding Day Head-to-Toe Apparel Style Tips for Every Gentleman
(Photography Credit: Procopio Photography | Real Weddings by Perfect Planning Events)

Emotions are on high and it is countdown to saying, “I Do” or you are a guest at your best buds wedding!  It has been tradition that we mostly brood over the emotions of the female essentials when it comes to preparing for the big day, not realizing that gentleman also have their preparation details to accomplish.  And when it comes to dress attire, some simply think that the gents just put on a suit or tuxedo and show up!  Well, we are here to demystify this trend of thought and provide (7) flawless wedding day head-to-toe apparel style tips for every gentleman!

We reached out to our friend Donnell Baldwin, who is a New York City Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant, Style Editor, and Co-Author with his wife, Courtney Baldwin of “Grooms”: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget”  a book proven to be a great resource to gentlemen around the world.  Donnell provides styling services for new and established clothing brands as well as personal styling clients (both in-person and virtually). 

Directly from the Style Maverick himself, here are seven tips that Donnell (from his book) provides to help the average gentleman become the most Dapper in the room! 

  1. Left, or Right? The Boutonniere/Lapel Pin should always be worn on the left lapel on the buttonhole of your suit/tuxedo jacket.
  2. Lapel Pin or Boutonniere which to choose? Only wear one or the other, you don’t need both.  Be sure the jacket lapel is flat and not flipped; take a second glance in the mirror to make sure the trim of your jacket (lapel) is lying flat and smooth.
  3. Buttoned or Un-Buttoned? When you are standing your tuxedo/suit jacket should always be buttoned.  When wearing a two-buttoned suit always button the top button and never the bottom; a three-button suit button the middle button only.  When you are seated, your jacket should be un-buttoned at all-times.
  4. Belt + Suspenders? Appropriate dressing does not require both belt and suspenders; only one or the other! Baldwin also affirms that properly tailored pants do not require a belt even if there are belt loops on the pants.
  5. Where does the necktie fall? When wearing a necktie make sure to button the top button of your shirt and adjust the necktie to cover the top button.  Secondly, the tip of the tie should fall right below the waistband of the trousers.
  6. Sport a Dimple! Make sure to create a dimple in your necktie just below the knot.  Baldwin expresses the dimple is the sign of a savvy gentleman.
  7. Close the Fly. Last but not-least, as you are taking that last look in the mirror be sure to make sure your zipper on your trousers are up!

For additional Groom styling details, contact Donnell Baldwin and Courtney Baldwin for professional grooming/styles services or purchase their book, “Grooms”: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget “.

(all pictures above are clients of Perfect Planning Events and perspective photographers; all pictures below are those of Mr. Baldwin Style)