The winter holiday season is a wonderful time of year. It’s so full of color, music, whimsy, and twinkling lights. It’s no wonder many couples chose to wed at this time of year. For many couples, the holidays are the perfect time to get married since family and friends are already gathered together – plus a winter wedding means the chance to get away from the cold weather and honeymoon in the tropics!

According to Christmas and New Years are popular dates to get engaged, and many couples like to get married around the anniversary of their engagement. But remember, the holidays can be a very hectic time for your guests, so consider sending out your save the date cards a bit earlier in the planning – this gives them extra time to make the necessary arrangements to be able to attend your wedding.

And yes, the weather can be somewhat of a concern, but look at it this way. For a spring/summer wedding you’d be stressing over rain and the heat. At least for a winter wedding you know to expect cold and snow and your wedding will be indoors. Your guests will be prepared for the weather too, so let it snow! A snow-covered landscape will add beauty to your photos and a sense of romance. Be sure to have an early wedding though, you want to be able to take advantage of daylight to get the best shots.

We have a few tips to help you navigate your Winter Holiday Season wedding planning:

Be Sure To Book Early

Photographers, deejays, venues, and caterers can be in high demand during this time of year due to holiday parties. To ensure that you are able to get your first choice of vendor you will need to plan early and be diligent about getting contracts signed early and deposits paid.

Color Palettes

Think classic holiday colors – reds, metallic hues, navy and winter white. Find out from your venue if it will be decorated for the holidays and try to play off the color palate they chose to use. Since you won’t be able to change the venue’s décor, you will need to try to work it into yours.

Floral Arrangements

Many churches and venues may already be decorated for the holiday season so you could get away with spending less on flowers and lighting! Flowers in season during the winter season are callas, delphinium, gardenias, red roses (black magic, opium, forever young, garden rose), snap dragon, and carnations to name a few.  Selecting florals out of season in the winter time are limited in supply and could be cost prohibitive. Think outside the box for bouquets, boutonnieres and table arrangements. Consider holly, paper whites, Amaryllis blooms, evergreen fronds, and mistletoe boutonnieres for the guys.

Decoration Ideas

Decoration ideas for a Holiday wedding abound! Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!  Adding event lighting to any room can take your decor to another level.  From as simple as up-lighting around the room, to textured lighting on the walls or ceiling, to pin-spot lighting on your floral centerpieces or wedding cake, to monogram lighting.  To combine with lighting decor, we also like to incorporate pipe and drape; it softens the look of a room and exudes romance.  Additional ideas to incorporate are cute snowflake frames as place cards which can double as gifts for guests to take home. And fairy lights and votive candles on mirrors at each table give a winter wonderland effect.

Food & Beverage Ideas

To keep your guests warm and toasty serve hot toddies, Irish coffee, classic eggnog and mulled wine during the cocktail hour. Two of our favorite winter cocktails are hot apple cider butter rum and caramel apple martinis!  Towards the end of the evening, have hot chocolate and a selection of hot teas.   Now we can’t forget the munchies! A Christmas cookie station with iced sugar cookies, gingerbread brides and grooms and other classic Christmas cookies would add a sweet touch!  We also love the idea of hot soup shooters with mini grilled cheese sandwiches or mini paninis, smores stations, and doughnut holes and coffee combos.  Who says Winter Weddings can’t be enjoyable!

(photos courtesy of Pinterest)

We hope these tips help you to celebrate your special day and the Holiday Season! Happy Holidays!

Here are a few holiday events we had the opportunity to plan.

Red Holiday Season Color Palettes (photography credit:  Jon Fleming Photography | actual events of Perfect Planning Events)

Winter Wonderland Color Palettes (photography credit: “retired” Fairfax Weddings |  actual events of Perfect Planning Events)