As your special day approaches, you want to show your appreciation to your Bridesmaids.  These are your Besties, your Confidants, your Tribe, your Ride-or-Die Chicks, and sometimes your Partners-n-crime.  You have chosen this group of women to take on the mission of being your Bridesmaids; an honor that they will cherish with you forever.  Your wedding day is approaching and you can’t decide what to give your girl squad.  Well, we are here to help.  Amaze your girl boss team, with gifts that reflect their personality, something that they will cherish, and most importantly something they will “use”.

To assist you with your shopping excursion, we have identified (10) of our fabulous and favorite gifts that any girl would love to receive!  Our selections are based on style and comfort, something that every girl would love, can be used time and time again, and is worth every dollar!

Gift #1:  Vintage Round Eyewear from Tory Burch.  Now your besties would definitely look fly in a pair of these fashionable lenses.  Great photo-op for you and your girls to pose in their wedding day attire and to have on a pair of these!


Gift #2:  Flexible Fit Kicks.  When I saw these, I said I must get a pair!  They are perfect and stylish to wear around the house, for traveling on the plane when you want to kick your shoes off but don’t want to walk bare on the germie airplane floor.  Simply made for comfort and relaxation, and a great travel companion.  They are fold-able and can fit inside most purses.


Gift #3:  Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour.  Who doesn’t love a fab color on an awesome puckered lip!  And this case is just to die for – I would keep the case even after the lipstick is gone just because of its unique design. This lovely tube of color comes in either a gold or black casing, and comes in a spectrum of color tones.  Pair the perfect color with the personality of your bestie or get the color that is a perfect match for their wedding day attire.


Gift #4:  The Mini Travel Ballet by Tory Burch.  Again every girl wants to have a little comfort to carry around in their purse.  They are available in a variety of colors.  You can get your girl squad colors to reflect their personality or colors to match your wedding day.  These would also be great for your girls to use at the reception; when their feet are almost numb from wearing their cute stilettos they can slip these on instead of wearing boring and not so cute bedroom shoes or flip-flops.

tory burch flats

Gift #5:  Sequin Chuck Taylors.  Again we are all about comfort for the ladies!  And who doesn’t like a little bling on their feet while wearing a pair of casual designer jeans or a maxi dress.  As you know these come in a variety of colors also – black, gold, silver, etc.  If you decide you don’t want a little bling – you can get custom designed Chucks directly from Converse!  These are also great to use for dancing for the reception instead of boring bedroom slippers or flip-flops.  Dare to be different!


Gift #6:  PJ Harlow Lounge & Sleepwear Set.  Ooh the soft touch to the skin and just feeling great relaxing at home on the sofa or in bed while still looking glamorous. This gorgeous set comes in pearl, teal or taupe.  Machine washable and dryer safe. Satin faille blend and supima cotton/lycra.  A perfect gift for any diva.  An excellent option for you and your tribe to take getting ready photos prior to the wedding, or great for an overnight bachelorette pajama party.


Gift #7:  Zac Posen Mac Make-up Collection:  There is a way to have designer Zac Posen on your body – yes, one of his designer dresses would be ideal, but when you can’t afford his one-of-a-kind design you can definitely get him on your beautiful face.  Your girls can feel like they are on the runway with these bold and daring colors from famous NY Fashion Designer, Zac Posen.  From lipstick, to foundation, to eyeliners – this exclusive Mac collection by Zac Posen will have your girl squad looking like America’s Next Top Model!


Gift #8:  Mosaic Statement Necklace from Stella & Dot.  This beauty is just what it name says – it makes a statement!  Great piece of jewelry to wear along with your bridesmaid’s wedding day attire, and it’s a piece that they will treasure for ever to wear with that perfect cocktail dress or to add a touch of flare to dress up a pair of jeans.  Simply gorgeous!

stellaanddot necklace

Gift #9:  Dolce & Gabbana The One perfume.  Now this is an absolute favorite of mine.  I wear this perfume just about everyday and I am always asked, “What is that you are wearing – you smell so good!?”  It is a soft, clean, refreshing perfume that provides this amazing fragrance that captivates everyone.  A little behind the ear and on your wrist, and you are good to go.  And if your girls are single, it’s a great way for them to get a little attention!


Gift #10:  Kendra Scott Aston Stud Earrings.  The perfect accessory for an evening out on the town or for your girls to wear on your wedding day.  Simple and elegant but providing the right touch of flare.  A treasured gift to be worn for a lifetime.  This gorgeous piece comes in a variety of stones – black mother of pearl, ivory mother of pearl, abalone shell, peach illusion, london blue illusion, and variegated teal magnesite.  Pick the perfect pair to match your Bridesmaid’s personality or to match their wedding day attire.

kendra scott

We hope that our suggestions will aid you in your quest for the perfect gift for your Girl Squad!  Each of the ideas above are at retailers that we shop and trust ourselves.  Click on each picture to take you directly to their website.  Happy Shopping!

(disclaimer:  all gift pictures come from the retailer’s website.  Picture of bridesmaids, top, is a real wedding by us, Perfect Planning Events and photographed by our friends at Procopio Photography).