We are continuing our 5 part series of “Breathtaking Honeymoon Destinations for 2016”.  We have toured Greece and and Fiji in all their glory. This week we are carrying you away to South Asia to explore the beauty of the MALDIVES!

honeymoon-islandsNarrating our honeymoon destinations this week is our industry partner, Honeymoon Islands.  Travel Specialist and Founder of Honeymoon Islands, Teresa Belcher, will walk us through these magnificent destinations and will leave you ready to pack your bags.

A tropical wonderland in the exotic Indian Ocean made up of 1,190 coral islands, the remote equatorial archipelago of Maldives is the ideal setting for romance, relaxation and fun in the sun. Known for the abundant sea life contained within the pristine lagoons and protective coral reefs, the Maldives is a diver’s paradise. Immaculate white sandy beaches are an ideal escape for the surfer and sun worshiper alike. If you’re inspired by romance, the radiant Maldives sunsets will provide a breathtaking backdrop while you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Things to Do in Maldives

Amazing Water Sports:

There is no end to the fun things you can do in the water in a place that is more sea than land. Maldivians swim for recreation, they play water polo with their friends at weekend picnics, and they surf addictively. This lifestyle welcomes the visitor: All resorts have well-equipped sports centers that provide a range of water activities and courses.

 Unparalleled Diving:

Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit the Maldivian waters. The warm seas have high visibility throughout the year, and the water is clear enough to see the passing fish as far as away. The combination of over 3,000 coral reefs and the free-flowing tides of the monsoons have created one of the world’s richest coral reef areas for diving.

Perfect Surfing:

Maldives is a mecca for surf enthusiasts from all over the world, with the southwest monsoon bringing massive swells, especially from June to September. There are several well-known surf breaks in the North and South Malé Atolls, and resorts near these breaks are perfect for surfing aficionados, as you can get the full Maldivian experience while riding the waves to your heart’s content.

Romantic Getaways:

Set anchor at a virgin island and explore to your heart’s content. Divers can explore the open waters on a channel dive; non-diving explorers can water-ski or tube in the lagoon. Finish the afternoon with a relaxing massage on the beach.  Upon return, sip cocktails on the upper deck before setting anchor and savoring a barbecue dinner on a beautiful sandbank.

 Top 5 Star Resorts:


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(Written by Guest Blogger: Teresa Belcher, Honeymoon Islands)

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