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Happy One Year Anniversary to our clients, James and Artesia Walker!

This couple has experienced and exciting life together and I know that they are celebrating their One Year Anniversary with a bang!

James and Artesia met on; they both joked about who really reached out to the each other first on the dating website, however they are glad they made the connection.  James was out of the country with his job when “he says, LOL” that Artesia reached out to him on Match.  What intrigued him to make the connection with Artesia was her tagline on the website – “The grass is always green on my side of the fence.”  James said this was different and interesting so he wanted to see who this person was that claimed that the grass was always greener on her side.  They met and went out on their first date which Artesia said she thought went really well until it took James almost five days to call her back.  James said his job kept him traveling out of the country so it was hard to reach back out to her – he finally did and the romance began.

The couple did reach a bump in the road.  After 6 months of dating, James was called away with his job to go to Mongolia for 8 months.  They both new that their relationship was still young, and they had to decide which direction their relationship was going to take since they would be separated for eight months.    After balancing the love they had for each other and determining they could make this work, the two decided to move forward as a couple and to explore their love with each other.  A couple months after James was away, he journeyed back to the states to spend time with Artesia.  They met in New York City – had a couple of days of fun there and then flew to London/Paris for their first of many romantic journeys together.

Fast forwarding, James is back in the States and wants to propose to Artesia.  James went big!  He knew that Artesia liked taking paint classes so he decided to arrange for them to go to the formerly known Living Social building in DC to participate in a painting class.  Behind the scenes, James had contacted the building manager about his surprise proposal and arranged a flash mob proposal for Artesia with the help of the staff at Living Social!  As they are routinely taking part in the art class, music comes on and the majority of the painters start doing a dance routine.  Artesia thought it was cute and thought oh this must be a new dance I am unaware of.  As the dancers near the end of the song, they go to their boards and bring out the proposal signs.  Artesia was knocked off her feet, and she excitingly said yes to James’ over the top and romantic proposal.  Their proposal caught the eye of everyone in the Washington, DC area – from Fox 5 News, social blog – District Weddings, and Washingtonian Bride & Groom to name a few.  (Click on either of the links to view the proposal)

On September 12th, 2014, James and Artesia said I do to each other witnessed by all of their close family and friends at Harbour View in Woodbridge, Virginia.  It was a joyous and special day representing the love they showed for each other and showing their journey with all around them.

Happy Anniversary!  May your love and devotion inspire all who surround you, and may you be blessed with all the gifts that life has to offer.

Wedding Date: September 12, 2014

(Videography:  Films by Zakk LLC)

[wpvideo KUTxgF87]

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Wedding Coordinator – Perfect Planning Events  |  Videography:  Films by Zakk, LLC  |  Officiant:  Rev. Dr. Edward Harding Jr.  |  Reception & Ceremony Venue – Harbour View  |  Catering – Tea Time Inc  |  Flowers – Michael’s Flowers  |  Photography – S67 Photography  |  Deejay – DJ Max Powers  |  Wedding Cake – Tea Time Inc  |  Hair & Make-up Services – Shaune Hayes Make-up Artist

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