Weddings, birthday, special soirees, etc., are celebratory events that bring family and friends together for a moment in time, and with the assistance of sumptuous food and rocking entertainment, it will be an event that is talked about for a lifetime.  As you take the time to plan your special event with all of its many facets, your guests are only going to remember two major things – the food and the entertainment.  Today we are going to talk about food and how you can be creative when planning your special event.  When it comes to food, think of being in the comforts of your own home and you are inviting guests over to sample your favorite dishes.  This same idea and image of entertaining should be the same when entertaining outside of the home.  Entertain your guests with Comfort Delights in Small Bites with your favorite dishes.  Your favorite small bites will be the key element that make your event special which becomes a reflection of you and makes your event personable and memorable.  Catering companies like Tasteful Affairs, Main Event Caterers, and Caribbean Caterers that provide their services for venues are more acceptable of the concept of thinking outside of the box and experimenting with foods to create unique experiences for their clients.  So with caterers, you should not get any push back when it comes to making your menu exciting.  If you are planning your event at a hotel, don’t be afraid to ask to incorporate your favorite small bites into your menu.  Yes, they may provide you with their suggested event package, however, they are only suggestive and not mandatory so give them something to think about when planning the menu for your special event.

Although your guests get glamorous to come out and celebrate with you, there is nothing more enjoyable than attending an event and feeling like home.  Make them feel like home with your comfort small bites!

Before I provide you with small bite suggestions, I want you to think about some things when planning your menu:

  • Small Bites:   This will provide your guests the opportunity to sample a variety of food in small portions before they eat their main entrée, it serves as an after dinner snack during the middle of the night as they are dancing the night away, and can be used as a departing appetizer for guests when they leave at the end of the night.  If your night consists of appetizers only, you have the ability to provide your guests with endless options.
  • Make it Personable:   Incorporate your favorite comfort foods or favorite childhood foods.
  • Shake it Up with Cocktails & Unique Beverages:  Take away the guessing game for your guests at the bar!  Instead of creating long lines and having them to stand in line asking the bartender what type of options are available, provide a list of specialty cocktails that cater to both the female and male gender.
  • Unique Table Displays:  Gone are the days of your standard food displays.   Push the envelope with your caterer to be creative to display your small bites which make them attractive to the eye and guests become more curious and entertained with your event.  Be ingenious with farm tables, acrylic display units, book cases, rolling carts, etc., You can also consult with your local rental company to be a partner with you to provide such unique items.  Rental companies such as Fox Ventures, DC Rentals, and Select Event Rentals.

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